Hexa is a mobile app that utilizes creative writing as a means to connect students who share a college campus. It is inspired by the six degrees of separation theory: in which everyone in the world can be connected to each other through six or less steps. Hexa provides users with a variety of writing prompts, allowing six users to sign up for each prompt. Responses are shared within these small groups and added to each individual’s personal notebook, where they can track how many prompts they have responded to, what days they have written on, and which connections they have exchanged written responses with. A built in GPS tracking feature allows users to find and meet up with each other on campus, scanning a code on each other’s phones to swap prompts that they’ve written themselves.

Hexa hopes to positively influence the mental health of students on campuses by encouraging creativity and self-expression, creating a heightened sense of engagement, and above all, cultivating strong feelings of interconnectedness.
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